The options and judgments are always dividing about the stiletto nails and always be. Someone thinks it’s too much or ugly but there are those who loves it and nearly addicted to it. There are no middle parts. The stilettos can be so variant than I think everyone can or could find their favorites. Shorter, longer, extremely long and pointy, French, pink, full of stones, glittering, nude, dark and so many more that the possibilities are endless.

Simple, easy to work with and faster than you think. Lot of technician thinks it’s outworn or out of fashion. But the true is, if you use it right the nail tips, no one can tell the difference from the other fancy artificial nails. You need a good quality, a little practice and then the next customer because it’s that fast. It’s your choice.

The only thing what can crown an amazing well built nail, is nothing else than the breath-taking nail arts. The secret is always hiding in the little details. It’s meaningless to talk about numbers, but what it matters to talk about, is the quality the creativeness the innovations, so all what gives life on it.

Ever heard of fake nails? You may thought of the former ones, what falls off and just certain persons wear it.  That’s not necessary right. With the newest materials and technologies you can wear it every day, you can do with them anything and they will not fall of or any rumoured thing will happen to them. You can choose your own style and if it’s a good professionalist do it for you, than they cannot be told apart from your original nails. They will steady for weeks, and can wear it with anything and everywhere.

Toe decoration, henna painting, jewels, wedding nails, gel polish…and I can continue all day along. Various nail designfrom the best creators and artists who you will ever meet. Come and be a part of something New.

Longer, sharper and more dangerous stiletto nails than you ever built. Everybody can find their favourites amongst the everyday wearable gorgeous shorten stilettos or the extra long, extra sharp sylphish stilettos. Either way the stiletto style has its own fan club what is always try to overstep to their border to create something unexpended and extravagant. Take a little peek and you will be captivated for a long time.

If you bored with the usual, typical nail trends and can’t find any hint or you just tired of the same designs you ever meet in all the time, then visit Best Nails. Your inspiration will rise instantly when you see the several nail art, design, and a lot of more opportunity what can give you back your original bliss.

A folyamatosan változó divattrendek mellett elengedhetetlen, hogy a körmök is tartsák a frontot. A legelsők között szerepel a zselés köröm, amely a folytonos megújulásának köszönhetően mára már az egyik legnépszerűbb alapanyag. Építésének, díszítésének technikáit, valamint a különböző formák kialakításának praktikáit is megosztjuk veled.

Ismerkedj meg a műköröm kellékek színes tárházával. Kíváncsi vagy miért kell beavatnod az ecseteket, vagy hogy mért is fontosak az ápoló lakkok, vagy mit tartalmaznak a manikűr-  pedikűr készletek, pontosan melyiket mire is kell használni? Gyere és látogass meg minket.

Pillants bele nálunk a műköröm tanfolyamok  titkos életébe. Ha mindig is érdekelt, hogy milyenek a körmös tanfolyamok, vagy hogy miről is szólnak a különbözőbbnél-különbözőbb, továbbképzések, akkor pont a legjobb helyen jársz.